From 29 April 2022, Compass Housing Services became Home In Place.

Home in Place has today launched a new Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to help the community housing provider to deliver housing services in culturally appropriate and safe ways to our First Nations residents.

The plan was launched by Home in Place group managing director Greg Budworth at a morning tea  to coincide with National Reconciliation Week. It was developed by an internal RAP Workgroup with support from the Everywhen Group.

Greg said the vision of the RAP is to create an environment where meaningful connection occurs between Home in Place and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, families and individuals. He said every staff member can support this vision of reconciliation through everyday behaviours that reflect a commitment to cultural safety.

“We will find opportunities to prioritise First Nations’ engagement through employment, leadership and supplier diversity, co-creating a culture of authentic partnerships and co-designed housing solutions,” Greg said.

“I am pleased and proud to belong to an organisation that is aspiring to achieve full reconciliation with Australian Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples, as well as strong engagement with First Nations peoples in all countries where Home in Place operates,” he said.

“The historical period of European colonialisation of other countries is a mixture of some good and some awful tragedies, travesties and injustice. The British colonisation of Australia is no exception.”

“It is our time in history to be a part of building and deepening relationships with our First Nations peoples and to support their human rights and aspirations.”

“That must happen at the same time as we together build this wonderful nation and take our part in a more humane world where respect of all people is a priority.”

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