From 29 April 2022, Compass Housing Services became Home In Place.

The My Place Portal allows Home in Place tenants to view their tenancy details, payments and balances, securely, in one place.

The following steps and videos will guide you through accessing, logging into and navigating the My Place Portal.

How to request an invite for the My Place Portal

Requesting an invitation to the My Place Portal is easy. Simply click on the My Place Portal link on the top right corner of the Home in Place website.

To be invited to the portal you need to have previously supplied your email address to Home in Place and completed an Electronic Email Consent form. If you haven’t done that already, then contact us through your preferred channel.

Once Home in Place has your email address on file, you can expect a portal invite via email within 24 hours. If you can’t seem to find the email, check your junk mail as it may have ended up there.

If you have already been sent an invite but can no longer find it, you can resend the invite using the Invite Me! feature on the My Place Portal home page.

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How to log in to the My Place Portal

Previously, we covered the steps to request a portal invite. Once you have received this in your email inbox, simply open and click the Redeem Invitation link.

This step will prompt you to set a password. You only need to do this step once, the first time you register. Passwords should be at least eight characters long and contain a special character like a dollar sign ($), exclamation mark (!) or hash (#), as well as a lowercase letter, an uppercase letter and a number. Keep your password in a safe place as you’ll need it every time you log on.

Once your password is accepted, you can proceed to the next step and log on to My Place Portal.

During the log on process, enter your email address and the password you set during registration. If you can’t remember your password, there is a Forgot your password? link on the sign in page.
You’ll need to enter a verification code that will be sent to your email. This verification code is unique to you and is valid for 20 minutes. If the code expires, you can simply request another.

Once you are logged in, the balances screen will load, and you’re good to go.

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How to navigate the My Place Portal

After you have logged in, you will arrive at the Balances page. From here you can expand and collapse different sections by clicking on them.

  • The top section has general info about your tenancy, including your last payment, address and lease start date. On the right hand side, you can find your household members, with the primary leaseholder in bold.
  • The Rent section shows your rent balance and whether you are in arrears or credit. The Rent section also allows you to view your last rent payment date and amount, as well as your rent amount, compared to the market rent for your property. Here you will also find a graph of your rent history as well as an invoices tab. A green tick indicates that the invoice is fully paid.
  • The Water section has your water bills, payment details and details on your last payment.
  • The Bond section has your bond details.
  • The Maintenance section contains any maintenance invoices that have been charged back to you.
  • The Miscellaneous section contains any invoices not covered by the sections above. For some New Zealand tenants, this is where your charges for parking, internet and electricity, will appear.
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What to do if you forget your My Place Portal password

To reset your password, from the My Place Portal Home page, click the Sign in link in the top right, then click Forgot your Password?

Here you can enter the email address that you’ve used previously to log on to My Place Portal and press Continue.

With your email inbox open nearby, click the Send verification code button.

Wait for the verification code to arrive in your inbox, then copy and paste this code into My Place Portal and click Verify code.

Then you may enter your new password, confirm this new password before pressing Continue, to be logged into the portal.

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