Photo of a kitchen in a Home in Place SDA home

SDA Tenancy and Property Management Services

Home in Place provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to the management of your SDA Home from start to finish. This management includes, but is not restricted to, Tenancy & Property Manager with SDA or fee-for-service Tenancy and Property Management without SDA.




For this fee, Home in Place will:

  • Provide information pertaining to the status of the SDA market and areas where supply and demand are not being met.
  • Advertise the property on GoNest, Housing Hub, Home in Place websites, various social media platforms and local networking events.
  • Review the internal database and waitlists for suitable applicants.
  • Attend the pre-handover and handover of dwellings with the Builder.
  • Enrol your dwelling with the NDIA through the NDIS Portal which will enable Home in Place to claim SDA payments on your behalf (requirement under NDIS Terms of business rules)
  • Partner with a Supported Independent Living provider (SIL)
  • Furnish the dwelling with robust furniture (if applicable)
  • Assess suitable applications liaising with our broad network of Support Co-Ordinator’s, NDIS Planners, Occupational Therapists and SIL’s
  • Conduct SDA Accommodation Agreement signing and collection of initial payments.
  • Liaise with builders on defects and coordinate accordingly.
  • Maintain the property to the NDIS Design category standards by utilising our internal NDIS qualified maintenance professionals Liaise with bodies of authority, Public Guardians and Power of Attorney regarding collection of reasonable rent contributions.
  • Manage the administration of NDIS My Place Portal to claim SDA payments and disburse on a monthly/quarterly basis.
  • Conduct regular inspections and ensure property is maintained by SIL in accordance with their Accommodation and Service Provider Agreement.
  • Provide regular updates on any changes to the NDIS Terms of Business rules and SDA Price guide reviews.
  • Lodge any potential reportable incidents to the NDIS Quality Safeguards Commission
  • In conjunction with SIL and resident legal representative, conduct final resident inspections and finalisation of tenancies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • There is a demand for all categories. The build cost for a genuine SDA property is well above $1,000,000 so the smart investment move here is to connect with Home in Place to find out what the current category and location demand is and build to suit those needs to minimise risk and vacancy.
    There is also a demand for SIL leases which is another viable investment opportunity that doesn’t cost anywhere near the SDA cost to build.

  • Home in Place is now established in Victoria. We are the Property and Tenancy Manager for hundreds of Victorians with a disability, now living in quality SDA housing in prominent suburbs throughout the Greater Melbourne area.
    We are always looking to partner with more SILS, support coordinators, developers and investors and trades people for responsive maintenance.

    Please get in touch if you are interested or know of people we should talk too.

  • Yes, this is our preferred model, as soon as your DA is approved, we are appointed as the SDA provider and we, by way of an EOI process, appoint the SIL and commence our vacancy management plan to secure residents to see full occupancy within 90 days of hand over once completed.

    It is critical to understand that transitioning residents into a home is complicated and complex.

  • No, we do not enter into a headlease arrangement. A headlease traditionally is an arrangement where the tenant is responsible for the vacancy risk and must guarantee up to 90% of the eligible SDA funding regardless of if there is a vacancy. As we don’t own the properties, we will not take vacancy risk. In this transition as the SDA provider, we are the property and tenancy managers.

  • Yes, Home in Place will take care of the enrollment and there is no additional costs for this.

    This is covered in the establishment fees including professional photos, video and 3D floor plan.

  • NDIS takes up to 28 days to process an enrolment request. You need the final Occupation Certificate and final SDA certifications to complete the enrollment along with proof of ownership and licence.

  • We have a rigorous vacancy management process by which we meet with our SIL initially every week for the first 8 weeks of a new development, we advertise on social media platforms, in networking groups within SDA, we have over 317 contacts we send our vacancy list to that are just coordinators. We hold open home events which we advertise up to 30 days prior to hand over at the end of construction.

    We are very proactive when it comes to vacancy management however no one can give you a guarantee. We promise to do everything possible to reduce your vacancy.

  • The management agreement with the owner is for 2 years with the option to renew for a further 2 years. We’ve not yet been terminated by a stakeholder.

    An accommodation agreement with a resident is a non-lapsing agreement, it goes on forever without an end date. The resident as per choice and control set by the NDIA is required to give 90 days’ notice to vacate the property at any time