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International Involvement and Commitment

Our International Strategy

Home in Place is committed to upholding the UN Charter of the Human right to “adequate, safe and sustainable housing for all”.

Our International Strategy focus is to take our experience, skills and expertise to the broader Asia Pacific Region by offering support and assistance through our development projects, community development initiatives, capacity building work, strategic advice and other services for housing and community rebuilding and development. We continue to develop our role and profile on the international stage. We are an active member of the World Urban Campaign and contributed to the recent organisational review of its mission and constitution.

Home in Place has also contributed as participants to, and sponsored key international events including the World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi (WUF10), the Pacific Urban Forum 5 (PUF 5) in Fiji and the Asia Pacific Urban Forum (APUF7) in Malaysia.

Elsewhere in the Pacific, Home in Place is partnering with RMIT University to deliver an Urban Resilience Adaptation project to deliver climate change mitigation interventions.

Home in Place has also developed its international advisory role working with the Vietnamese Government to share technical knowledge of social housing systems as Vietnam grapples with rapid urbanisation and growing demand for affordable housing solutions.

Home in Place has contributed to a conference in Ho Chi Minh City aimed at addressing the housing needs of that city’s rapidly growing population. This was followed by delivery of a bespoke one-day technical assistance workshop: Meeting the Housing Challenge in Ho Chi Minh City: The Role of Public, Private Partnership (PPP).

Home in Place is committed to upholding the UN Charter of the Human right to “adequate, safe and sustainable housing for all”.

Our International Goals

  • To be recognised as an International Housing Provider of adequate, safe and affordable housing with an aim to connect and empower our constituents to engage in sustainable communities and positively influence the future.
  • To build the capacity of Home in Place as the housing provider of choice to all the United Nations (UN) systems and other key major global and regional stakeholders.
  • To grow as an International Housing Provider that is well recognised and supported Internationally and Regionally, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.
  • To establish and support appropriate international programs that assist Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Pacific with their social and community rebuilding and regeneration, capacity building, slum upgrade and relocation, climate resilience adaptation and disaster preparedness.
  • To generate greater community and political support for the human right to “adequate, safe and sustainable housing for all” through the provisioning of adequate housing.

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