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Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs and Maintenance

Home in Place is responsible for carrying out maintenance and repairs to properties managed by Home in Place, Home in Place owned properties and facilitating maintenance and repairs to privately leased properties through the owner or agent.

Home in Place strives to maintain a standard of housing that ensures our tenants are comfortable in their homes, therefore, property maintenance is always high on the agenda.

Home in Place aims to provide prompt delivery of services via its in-house maintenance division, My Place Property Maintenance, and licensed contractors to fix problems as they occur and to ensure regular planned maintenance or non–urgent work is carried out in line with the Home in Place Maintenance Policy.

The initial point of contact for tenants with maintenance issues is to call 1300 333 733. If you are unable to call us for any reason, you can report maintenance using the online form.

Report Maintenance

Responsibilities & Expectations

You are expected to keep your home and grounds in a clean and tidy condition as per your lease agreement, to report damage or any items that need repair within 3 days of the occurrence and to ensure your contact details are up to date. It is your responsibility to report any matters that require attention via the call centre or directly to your Tenancy Relations Officer.

To ensure a timely service, when reporting a maintenance issue, please give the staff member assisting you the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address & current telephone number
  • A description of the problem and/or location within the home
  • Whether you have reported the problem before
  • When is a suitable time for a tradesperson to attend and hopefully fix the problem
  • That you advise if you have pets that may need to be restrained whilst repairs are undertaken.

It is important that you make yourself available via the contact number you supplied and that you keep the appointment made by our contractors. Please allow reasonable access to your home by Home in Place staff or contracted tradespeople during the working hours 8:30am-5pm to either assess the condition of the property or to carry out identified maintenance repairs.

Home in Place staff or contractor’s will not enter your premises when you are not home, unless you have made alternative arrangements for someone else to provide access to the property, or with the exception of emergency situations. In such circumstances all care will be taken to make necessary repairs and ensure the security of your property and premises.

Maintenance System

Once a maintenance request has been lodged, a Service Request will be raised by a staff member which includes all relevant information and forwarded through to our maintenance team where the priority for completion will be allocated and a work order sent to the contractor.

The Home in Place corporate mission is to manage housing stock according to best practice standards & each request will be treated as equally and as quickly as the next one.

Where Home in Place has organised maintenance:

  • that is not considered the result of fair wear and tear,
  • to repair a property that has been damaged intentionally or through neglect by the tenant, or
  • that was unable to be completed due to failure to allow proper access

then costs will be passed on to the tenant.

Timeframes for completion of maintenance are set down in the Home in Place Policy and Procedures, and are as follows:

  • Emergency – 4 hours
  • Urgent – 24 hours
  • Inspection Required – 7 days
  • Routine – 21 days

For maintenance issues on all privately leased properties, please contact your Tenancy Relations Officer who will then either arrange to have the work carried out, or pass the request through to the owner or agent of the property for action. Please do not contact the agent or the owner directly for maintenance issues.

Please advise your Tenancy Relations Officer of any serious problems or excessive delays you may be experiencing during maintenance work. Poor workmanship or poor customer service by contractors should also be reported.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Home in Place will manage and cover the costs of repairs and maintenance if the damage has been determined to be due to fair wear and tear.

    If you have caused damage to the property, Home in Place will advise you of your responsibilities in paying for the repairs.
    Your Tenancy Relations Officer Property will contact you with options to rectify the damage. You can:

    1. Organise to have the repairs done (to a tradesperson standard); or
    2. Request Home in Place arrange the repairs on your behalf (this requires an upfront payment for the repairs).
  • You can report maintenance by calling 1300 333 733 or by using the online form.

    What happens once I lodge my request?

    Home in Place will assess your request and contact you to discuss the repairs in further detail.

  • Tenants of NRAS properties have the same rights and obligations as any tenant in the private rental market.

    If a tenant believes that an issue requires repairs and maintenance due to fair wear and tear, they can contact Home in Place either by:
    Phone: 1300 333 733
    In person: 1/905 Stanley Street East East Brisbane QLD 4169 Office Hours: 9am – 4:30pm • Monday – Friday
    Sending an email to [email protected]

    Please ensure you include the following details in your request:

    • Your name
    • Your address & current telephone number
    • A description of the problem
    • Whether you have reported the problem before
    • Photos of the damage
    • When a tradesperson can access the property with you

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