Organizing homes to inspire everyday life with endless comfort and feelings of well-being.

Our Beginning

Home in Place is a nonprofit organization providing professional organizing services to families and individuals who have experienced homelessness and are transitioning from supportive housing to permanent homes. 

Come home to where everything is in its place and the living is easy…where thrifty meets neat in effortless style and function, and where everyday life is inspiring, reflecting new beginnings for you and your loved ones.

There is no single “right” way to organize. That’s why I’m here to show you how to use assorted secondhand household items to tidy up your home. I blend old with new to complement today’s lifestyle, and I encourage neatness, order and organization with clever and easy storage solutions. The result is a look that is unique, affordable, comfortable, and always inviting. 


“I will never forget the hard work, time, and dedication you have put into my family. A change has come for me and I love it.”

— N. Simmons


Whether you are an individual or one of a family starting fresh with a new home or rejuvenating an existing one, I will help you arrange a cozy, well-organized, family-friendly space. I will also integrate clever storage accessories into your home to keep everything in place so you can have a clutter-free environment full of joy and easy living.


My mission is to provide families and individuals who have experienced homelessness and are in transition with comfortable, well organized, inspiring homes that symbolize hope, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment for them as they rebuild their lives.




We all deserve to experience the comforts of home. Surrounding us with order can spur our motivation toward success and wellbeing and make us and our family and guests feel at home. So all of my services are free of charge.


Order and organization begin in childhood, as children note their surroundings and form images of home comfort and beauty. I thus create neat, joyful, enriching home environments where children can live, learn, play and develop fully.


Home in Place is entirely people-oriented. I customize my services according to the personal needs and lifestyles of each individual or family. With compassion and respect, we are building a stronger community together.


Recycling, Reshaping, Rebuilding


Home in Place is an environmentally conscious organization. Recycling can rebuild lives and reshape spaces. I use simple yet beautiful secondhand home essentials and storage accessories, as well as donated new ones, to create a home in place that makes every day feel special for my clients, is functional for them to live in, and is easy on both the environment and their pockets. 

 Being green and creative has never been more rewarding and fun!


I thank the following organizations for supporting Home in Place. Together we strive to provide a lasting change in the lives and homes of the families and individuals we serve.

Massachusetts DCF

Massachusetts DCF

Elizabeth Stone House

Elizabeth Stone House

St. Mary's Center

St. Mary's Center

The Guidance Center

The Guidance Center