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Household Sustainability

Make your Life Sustainable

People who rent can make changes to their home to make it more comfortable, save money and reduce their environmental impact. Making small changes around the household not only lessens the impact our lifestyles make on the environment, but also assists us in saving money and being more resourceful with what we have.

The following websites are filled with valuable resources, guides and tips for households looking to conserve energy, reduce costs and waste, and be more resourceful.

Your Water Savings

We are privileged to have access to clean water, and this is a valuable resource we must save and protect now and into the future. Saving water will also save you money so it’s a win-win.
Check out natureaustralia.org.au

Don’t Waste Away

There’s more to it than switching off lights and taps in the household. Reducing, Reusing and Recycling help divert rubbish from landfill and reduce carbon emissions.

There are easy and thrifty ways to make sure your managing waste at home responsibly.

The War on Waste page at abc.net.au has a lot of information reducing waste including:

  • Fight food waste at home
  • War on Waste Impact Report
  • Reducing plastic at festivals
  • #StrawNoMore – Take action
  • 8 Common Recycling Mistakes
  • To burn or not to burn?

You can even take the e-waste quiz and make the War on Waste pledge! All of this at abc.net.au

Switch Banks

Did you know that your environmental and social impact is largely dependent to your choice of bank?
There are many banks invest in questionable environmental practices such as investing fossil fuel projects, so shop around.
Check out marketforces.org.au

Switch Energy Providers

Like changing your bank, your choice of energy provider plays a major role in what industries receive funding.
Some even offer green energy options.
Learn more at greenelectricityguide.org.au

Shop with a Conscious

  • When you are shopping, there are a few things you can do to be sustainable.
  • Use your green bags and don’t accept plastic bags
  • Avoid single use plastics
  • Buy second hand when you can – this can save your hip pocket too
  • Buy energy and water efficient products (some governments have incentives that will save you money if you purchase high performance rated products
  • BYO – take a water bottle, coffee cup, straw and reusable cutlery with you when you can
  • Create a compost at home and use as plant food

Learn more at sustainability.vic.gov.au

Your Energy Savings

Being energy efficient and knowing how to use less will help you save on your power bill. It will also go a long way to helping our planet.
Check out:

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