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Our Community

Community Development Activities

Home in Place offers a wide range of community development activities, all of which are underpinned by the same desire to promote social inclusion, economic opportunity and community cohesion.

Community Hubs

One of our most successful programs has been the creation of community hubs in Broken Hill and the Central Coast, NSW.
Both hubs are community centres that provide a base for local support agencies to offer outreach services as well as providing residents with a place to meet, socialise and volunteer.
The hubs host a number of tenant and community events including free lunches, school holiday programs, community garden activities and sporting programs. Importantly the hubs also offer a location for external agencies to meet with our tenants and provide services which meet their needs.

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Grow a Star

Grow a Star is an innovative youth mentoring and scholarship program that helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome the financial or generational obstacles that are preventing them from following their dreams. The program was created by Home in Place and is the first of its kind to be designed and operated by a community housing provider.
Grow a Star encourages collaboration between other agencies and mentors, welfare organisations, sporting partners, government bodies and corporate contributors to provide motivated young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential. The program is a genuine source for positive change.

The program is designed for all youth, not just Home in Place tenants, who need support to achieve their goals. Some of the youth clients supported have gone on to receive local, regional and national recognition for their achievements.

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Ending Homelessness

We believe that housing is a human right.

Home in Place works closely with local homelessness support services in all jurisdictions to help people experiencing homelessness transition into stable long-term accommodation. We are also a major contributor to several innovative new projects designed to reduce homelessness including Hunter Homeless Connect.

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International Involvement and Commitment

Our International Strategy focus is to take our experience, skills and expertise to the broader Asia Pacific Region by offering support and assistance through our development projects, community development initiatives, capacity building work, strategic advice and other services for housing and community rebuilding and development.

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Social Enterprise

  • In November 2018 Home in Place and Aruma began an important partnership. Through this partnership, people with disabilities, who are looking to enter the workforce, are paid to provide lawns and gardens maintenance for a large portion of Home in Place homes in NSW and Queensland.
  • In an upcoming development, Home in Place has included two floors of retail/commercial space in the initial design to be used as a social enterprise run café, a training/employment readiness centre and a community space.
  • Home in Place is now looking to partner with members of the Broken Hill Indigenous community with the view to establishing a social enterprise initiative to source and sell local Indigenous arts and crafts. All profits from this enterprise will be reinvested back into the local community.

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