Tenant Blake in his kitchen


Our Tenants

Home in Place firmly believes that community housing is about building communities just as much as it is about providing housing.

We are dedicated to making sure our tenants have a voice and are actively engaged in their communities.

We deliver this commitment through our P5 ethical framework which addresses People, Place, Planet, Partnership and Performance. You can learn more about our P5 Approach HERE.

Our commitment to our residents is that we will support them to live in connected and sustainable communities and assist them to maximise their quality of life.

Tenant Reference Groups

Consultation with our residents is critical to informing how we do this, and we support Tenant Reference Groups in each of our branch regions.

These groups meet quarterly and discuss a range of issues that impact their lives and how Home in Place can support them. Discussions from the Tenant Reference Groups feed into the deliberations of an overarching Home in Place Tenant Inclusion Panel which in turn reports into the committee structure of our Board. This ensures that the views of tenants are able to influence Home in Place policy and actions at the highest levels.

Outcomes Assessment Tool

In addition to the routine information tenants choose to share with us, we also undertake short surveys during routine contacts with tenants using the Home in Place Outcomes Assessment Tool. The tool assesses the wellbeing of our tenants and the extent to which they are engaged and integrated with their community.

Contrary to stereotypes of social housing residents, many of our tenants work, volunteer, are members of community organisations and have strong relationships with their neighbours and the wider community. The data that we collect helps us plan programs and projects to assist residents to develop these activities further and we have ambitious targets to develop proactive and engaged communities.

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