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Tenant Support

Tenant Support

The strength of Home in Place is underpinned by our commitment to improve community wellbeing and livability for our tenants.

We achieve this through building strong partnerships and delivering best practice service delivery in community development, place-making, tenancy management and asset management.

We understand that the best outcomes will be achieved through an integrated service, which understands and respects the people, place, potential, and possibilities for the potential clients of these projects.

Home in Place will support our tenants in order to sustain their tenancies. If we identify that our tenants are in need of support or assistance we may link them to external agencies to offer referral services or link with some of our support programs.

Tenant Reference Groups and Our Voice Panel

Tenant Reference Groups provide a local forum for tenants and Home in Place staff to discuss key aspects of our service.

Members of these groups meet quarterly and discuss a range of issues that impact their lives. Discussions from each Tenant Reference Group feed into the deliberations of an overarching Tenant Inclusion Panel which in turn reports to the Home in Place Board. This ensures the views of tenants are able to influence company policy and decision making at the highest levels.

Developing local opportunities for tenant ’voice’ is an important aspect of our overall tenant engagement strategy and benefits service users communicating their experience of the services to the providers.

Benefits can include:

  • Services more closely aligned to tenant needs
  • Direct feedback on issues of quality of service
  • Costs savings from efficiencies identified by tenants
  • Better tenant relations and opportunities for tenant empowerment

The TRGs also link to the Our Voice Tenant Panel, which reports directly to the Board and meets the requirements of the National Registration Scheme.

To find out more or register your interest in joining the Tenant Reference Group in your area, contact your local Community Participation Officer.

Tenant Empowerment

Home in Place has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at supporting the wellbeing of both tenants, and the wider community.
We actively encourage tenants to get involved and play a part in shaping the delivery of social housing through tenant participation and consultation.
Tenant Participation aims to build partnerships between tenants and Home in Place to:

  • Improve the skills, knowledge and ultimately the quality of life of social housing tenants
  • Support and strengthen communities
  • Improve the way social housing is delivered and managed

Social Events & Activities

Home in Place also has a social event calendar over all areas of operation which includes activities to encourage tenant involvement and social inclusion. We are experienced in organising social events and activities for our tenants and we involve tenants by asking them what events and activities they would like to take part in.

We offer a wide range of social and recreational activities such as craft groups, hobby groups, computer classes, BBQ’s, luncheons, bus trips, picnics and more which will benefit the tenants by involving them within their community.

These programs and activities combined with educational programs about health and active living create opportunities for the tenants to live healthier happier lifestyles.

Tenant Survey

Home in Place seeks feedback from tenants through its Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey. This is one of the best ways to ensure we continue to provide high quality housing services. Our quality services delivery is evident by the consistently high and improving tenant satisfaction.

Support Partnerships

Home in Place acknowledges that many tenants may experience difficulties from time to time which may affect their ability to sustain their tenancy. We will attempt at all times to ensure tenants are kept informed of their rights under the relevant legislation.

Furthermore, we will provide information to the tenant/s about support services available to them when action to collect rental arrears is undertaken.

The type of support to be offered may include:

  • Information on tenancy advice and advocacy services;
  • Information concerning financial counselling services; &
  • Information about other relevant support services (e.g. family support, refuges, counselling, health and translator services).

Home in Place has extensive and well-developed relationships with a variety of support service providers who assist our tenants in supported accommodation to successfully live independently, ensuring these tenancies are secure and sustainable and provide a wide variety of services to our clients who are in need of support.

Our support partnerships are a continued important part of delivering and maintaining safe and secure housing and improved living for our clients.

Community and Sensory Gardens

Community gardens not only provide tenants with access to fresh fruit and vegetables, but also create a platform for social inclusion and address good health and wellbeing on a number of levels. Home in Place also uses the community garden forums to engage tenants on other sustainability issues providing information on the environment, energy and water efficiency and savings, and responsible waste management

In 2020, we installed the first of many sensory gardens at a Specialist Disability Accommodation complex. Sensory gardens allow people to connect with nature by touching, rubbing, smelling and eating the plants. Sensory gardens feature plants, water, and other materials with a variety of aromas, textures, colours, noises and shapes to invoke the senses of smell.

Tenant Incentive Scheme

The Tenant Incentive Scheme recognises tenants who are excelling in five categories. Winners are announced on a quarterly basis and are presented with a certificate and $50 voucher. Nominations for this award can come from Home in Place staff or from within the tenant group.

Category One | Star Tenant Award

Awarded to tenants who look after their properties to a very high standard, and in some cases, look after the common areas at their complexes. Additionally these tenants are up-to-date or in advance on their rent.

Category Two | Most Improved Tenant Award

Awarded to tenants who have demonstrated significant improvement in property care, engagement and/or improved financial sustainability.

Category Three | Community and Sustainability Contribution Award

Awarded to tenants who have created or contributed significant improvement to local environment, recycling, gardening and/or common areas, or has undertaken a clear role supporting their community (e.g. volunteering).

Category Four | Personal Achievement Award

Awarded to tenants who have worked hard to achieve a significant personal goal or accomplishment.

Category Five | Home in Place Training and Employment Award

Awarded to tenants who have embarked on a learning program or training course and successfully completed it or secured employment.

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