From 29 April 2022, Compass Housing Services became Home In Place.

One of Australia’s leading community housing providers says having housing as a National Cabinet subcommittee is a welcome first step to solving Australia’s housing crisis and stimulating the economy post Covid-19.

Group Managing Director of Compass Housing, Greg Budworth, said housing has been largely left to state and territories to administer and reform in different ways.

“National reform is urgently needed to resolve Australia’s undeniable housing crisis,” Mr Budworth said.

“Having state and federal ministers for housing sitting down to draft reform measures for the National Cabinet is a great framework from which to start,” he said.

Mr Budworth said leading housing experts, economists, academics, and welfare groups agree that a national plan is needed.

“The first step of the subcommittee needs to be a national housing plan, linked to other infrastructure and economic plans, with agreed targets and key performance indicators.”

“Previously we have seen ad hoc reforms that haven’t delivered effective and lasting change for all housing users.”

Mr Budworth said the National Cabinet’s operation during the pandemic had shown what can be achieved if state and federal governments work together using independent, expert evidence.

Compass Housing in a not for profit, Tier 1, community housing provider managing more than 7000 properties in NSW, Queensland and in New Zealand.

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