From 29 April 2022, Compass Housing Services became Home In Place.

Compass Housing Services is in urgent need of private properties for it to rent to it tenants and is calling on local property owners and property managers looking for hassle free, long term leasing to consider renting to it.

Chief corporate services officer, Lyndall Robertshaw, said Compass is able to guarantee long term leases and monthly rental payments, paid one month in advance, at market rents.

“When you rent with Compass we are your tenant, so there are no vacancy periods or risk of arrears,” Ms Robertshaw said.

“We are responsible for all of the tenant responsibilities under the Residential Tenancy Agreement and guarantees repairs for any tenant damage outside of fair wear and tear,” she said.

“We give property owners certainty without having to find and communicate with tenants.”

“Our teams conduct regular property checks as part of regular visits to our tenants.”

She said Compass already has more than 500 long-term, leasehold agreements with private landlords and property managers but it needs more.

Interested property owners should call Compass’ leasing team on 1300 333 733 or email [email protected]

Compass Housing Services is a Hunter-based Tier 1 community housing provider and manages more than 7,000 properties in NSW, Queensland, and New Zealand.

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