From 29 April 2022, Compass Housing Services became Home In Place.

A stunning artwork painted by a Home in Place tenant will be proudly displayed in all Home in Place offices and hubs.

Earlier this year, Home in Place commissioned Feona – a Broken Hill tenant and Barkindji woman – to produce an artwork on what it means to have a home and the importance of place.
Feona’s artwork is about the importance of connection and the need to keep building connection. She painted the artwork at Home in Place’s 123 Hub in Creedon Street Broken Hill which is also about creating a space for connection.

The impressive two metre by one metre original will hang in Home in Place’s head office in Newcastle. Reproductions will be displayed in every Home in Place office and community hub in Australia.
Feona lives two doors up from the 123 Hub and is a frequent visitor. She says it is really good for the community to have the hub.

“Tenants are starting to come to this hub and starting to use it a lot,” Feona says.
“I’m really proud of the Broken Hill crew that are putting all their effort into it and all,” she says.

This is the second time the artist has been involved in creating art with Home in Place. She and fellow tenants Johnny and Warren designed and painted a two part mural for the outside walls of units opposite the 123 Hub to celebrate its opening in 2014. The murals are an amazing, colourful and meaningful representation of the totems of the Wilyakali and Barkindji peoples.

The 123 Hub provides a community meeting place for nearby social housing residents but is open to all Broken Hill residents. Home in Place and other local service providers and agencies also run activities and outreach services from the hub to strengthen the local community.

The story behind the painting

Fiona shared the story behind her painting with Home in Place staff when it was unveiled for the first time at the 2023 staff conference.

“The main circle with two lines coming out is the connection between all of us, whether we’re white, black or whatever. The other circles show the other Home in Place centres in NSW. Down the bottom we’ve got New Zealand, and at the top we’ve got Queensland; they all come in.”

“The lines show how we all join with one another; and how we keep on building our connection even further. The three houses show how Home in Place provides housing to people, for families, couples, and for or a single person.”

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